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$75,000 Liquid Capital Required

Ledgers Professionals provide a comprehensive suite of services to small business, their owners and the general public. With services ranging from basic bookkeeping to personal and corporate income tax, business plans and budgets, Ledgers is the one-stop source for all of the financial needs of your business. Currently we have almost 47 franchise locations across Canada and are expanding in the United States.




Serving Business Since 1994

 Modernize Your Accounting and Bookkeeping Systems With "The Firm of the Future"



We Believe

Small Business Owners spend far too much of their time and resources trying to obtain accurate, timely financial information; They have a great deal of difficulty finding Affordable Accountants and Bookkeepers, and we also believe that by providing these same small business owners with a single point of contact for all the financial requirements of their business will improve the quality of the financial information they receive and thereby increase their bottom line. 


Our Mission

Our mission is to provide the best possible financial and related business services to small business , at prices they can afford. 


Our Vision

Our vision is to modernize and automate the accounting industry and by doing this, we can provide small business owners with accurate, timely information, allowing them to make informed financial decisions. 



Bookkeeping, Tax and More

Ledgers was conceptualized by a team of Professional Accountants from Sydney Nova Scotia in 1994 when the need for consistent, professional and affordable accounting services was recognized.  


Why Choose Ledgers?

100% Cloud Based Technology

We use state of the art cloud based technology to modernize and automate your accounting and bookkeeping systems.  Automation means You Save money!


Low, Fixed Monthly Fees

Our all-inclusive, fixed monthly fee policy eliminates unexpected costs from your accountant, payroll service and bookkeeper. 

Fixed fees are predictable, You Save Money!


Single Point of Contact

Why use 3 different service providers to prepare your financial information when Ledgers is your one-stop source for all of the Financial Requirements of your Business.

Consolidated Service mean You Save Money!


Timely Financial Information

Monthly Financial Statements and your complete, accurate, detailed annual financial reports within 60 days of your fiscal year-end - Guaranteed!


Access to a Vast Network

There are more than 150 tax, accounting and business professionals in the Ledgers Network. You have access to this network at no additional cost to you.


We Understand Small Business

Our Franchise Locations are small business owners too. They understand the dedication, drive and desire it takes to run a small business and to succeed in the small business community..



The Opportunity

If you are looking to operate a Successful Accounting, Tax Services and Bookkeeping Franchise, 

You have found the USA's #1 Business Services Franchise System!

Ledgers Professionals offer a comprehensive suite of services within our Accounting And Tax Services Franchise model.


Not Just Accounting & Tax

From basic bookkeeping to corporate income tax and cash flow projections the Ledgers model and systems give you everything you need to run a successful Professional Services business.

Ask about our Central Processing System;  We do the work, you make the money!  


The Ledgers Concept

Our Mission is quite simple:  To become the dominant business services provider in the American Small Business Community.

Our motto, “The Numbers Look Good”® is a direct reflection of the quality, professionalism, and affordability that a Ledgers Franchise offers to their local business community.



What is it?

Provides small business owners with tax preparation, payroll, compliance, and advisory services. Looking for current Bookkeepers, Enrolled Agents or CPA’s. Initial startup costs range from $57,000 - $96,500

Ledgers Franchisees typically have a background in tax/payroll, bookkeeping and accounting.

Grow your business without doing all the work – Central Processing lets you continue your growth without hiring or spending long hours in the office!


How does it make money?

Clients pay per service provided to support their business, on a monthly subscription basis


Who is it for?

Bookkeepers, Financial Planners, Certified Public Accountants, Tax Professionals, and Enrolled Agents

Entrepreneurs with applicable experience who desire owning and operating a year-round tax and business advisory firm

Someone looking to own a franchise with maximum support in all aspects of the business from operations, marketing, business development, and more


What would you do as a franchisee?

Hire, manage, and train necessary tax professionals to assist clients with advisory services as needed

Oversee the day-to-day operations of the franchise

Network and market within your community to grow the brand's awareness


Interested to Learn More?

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