About Prendamex financial services

$500,000 Liquid Capital Required

The Prendamex financial services franchise opportunity is an investment in a proven and profitable business, that provides you with the added benefits of a well-recognized and prestigious brand name and a huge market share.




Revolutionizing the Financial Services Industry

Prendamex is the largest financial services franchise system in Mexico. Created in 1996, Prendamex instantly revolutionized the Mexican financial services industry with a modern business model that combines corporate and franchised units. And now we are expanding in the USA.

Our highly profitable concept provides credit services to people who otherwise would not be able to have access to them through traditional banking channels. This means that Prendamex has a very positive impact in the communities it serves.

There are millions of people looking for a funding source accessible to their needs, and Prendamex is able to support those people immediately. Our clients are mainly workers, housewives, government employees, unemployed, students and retirees who need help solving emergencies and financing necessities.

Prendamex has 18 years of franchising experience in Mexico and 11 years of international franchising experience. We are proud to have been granted the "Best Franchise of Services 2012” award by the Mexican Franchise Association.


Our Proven Formula

The Prendamex franchise opportunity provides you with the added benefits of a well-recognized and prestigious brand name and a huge market share. The winning formula is protected under an innovative “know-how”, which has been continuously recognized as the major growing franchise in its range by the Mexican Franchise Association.

We share our years of experience and all of our know-how with every new franchisee from day one on. You will never be alone; Prendamex will guide you through the entire process for the launch of your franchise. Once in operation you will have access to advice and will be part of workshops that allow you to be better every day.

The Prendamex franchise opportunity is an investment that's literally backed by gold. Additionally, the fees charged on loans provide a constant cash flow for our franchisees. When you have a Prendamex financial services franchise, your investment is in a proven and profitable business.