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$75,000 Liquid Capital Required

USA Insulation is the first, largest, and fastest-growing insulation franchise in the United States. With over 60,000 success stories to date, they’re well on their way to providing comfort and savings to homeowners across the U.S.



Based out of Cleveland Ohio since 1977, USA Insulation has single and multi-territory franchise owners in 10 states from Texas to Florida, Maryland and Nebraska. USA Insulation is the First, Largest, and Fastest-growing insulation franchise in the United States. With over 60,000 success stories to date, they’re well on their way to providing comfort and savings to homeowners across the U.S. 

The $7.5 billion dollar insulation industry offers huge potential 

The insulation industry is a 7.5 billion dollar market in the U.S. that’s poised to grow over 6% year over year, hitting 10.3 billion by the year 2019. Most of this growth is being driven by the residential housing market as Baby Boomers downsize and Millennials begin purchasing their first homes, many of which are under-insulated and will need to be brought up to code.

This kind of predictable growth – along with the overall growth of the home services industry – provides a business opportunity that’s ripe for expansion. Investors looking for reliable and steady business growth over the long-term will find a sustainable business model within the insulation industry. Strong industry and consumer trends combined with a proprietary, high value added product, makes USA Insulation the best choice within the home service industry.

According to a Harvard energy consumption study, approximately 65% of homes in America are under-insulated. This translates into about 77 million homes that need insulation. We will tell you how many opportunities are in your market.

USA Insulation is a leading brand in the insulation industry with little to no competition in communities across the U.S.

Unlike other home services and home improvement industries, the insulation market isn’t as saturated as other more competitive businesses like plumbing and HVAC, windows, or moving and storage. There is no strong national chain (besides us) for the residential retrofit insulation market, and the vast majority of competition is made up of local mom and pop shops that do not have access to our product. This leaves the insulation market wide open for growth by companies that have the infrastructure and model to move quickly and build a market presence in high-growth areas.

We have proven positive performance in all economic climates. 

While many home services franchises focus on discretionary products and services within the home services industry, USA Insulation offers the only home improvement product that actively pays the homeowner back, month after month, through reduced energy bills. Our solutions not only improve our customers’ homes – they save them money, which helps keep business strong during economic downturns.

We're the leading, national insulation franchise

USA Insulation has a tried and true methodology for succeeding in the insulation business. For over 30 years, we’ve tested our business model to ensure that our franchise owners have a solid plan to follow to build profitable businesses of their own. 

USA Insulation is more concerned with quality than quantity. We have grown strategically, focusing on unit performance and maintaining brand integrity. We provide a generous territory, marketing, sales and technical support. You need not be a home improvement specialist to own a USA Insulation franchise.




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