About Vr business sales

$99,900 Liquid Capital Required

“Valued Representation®” is the meaning behind our name, “VR”. Since 1979, we have been the organization turned to by the entrepreneurial community to help them unlock the true value they built in their companies when it’s time to sell; in turn, we place qualified, goal-driven people and investors into their new businesses.




About VR Business Sales

We are a professional business sales organization focused on a client-first mandate.  Business owners are or will become experts in the operations of their own companies.  VR offers the entrepreneur an advocate who can identify their needs when it comes to valuation, entry, or exit by providing a comprehensive consultative approach to each business transaction.  

When you become a VR office owner you will be trained to provide every client with the highest level of service and professionalism.  VR Business Sales is committed to working diligently with every franchisee as its support system and mentor, providing each with the necessary tools to be successful. 

VR Business Sales has a proud heritage as the leader in the sales and transfer of privately held, family-operated, and founder-owned businesses.  We are even prouder knowing that we have assisted families live the American dream of business ownership.



Business Sales: Our Core Business

• 25+ Million Businesses in America
• 98% of All Businesses Have Less Than 100 Employees
• 97% of All Businesses Have Under $10 Million in Sales
• 11+ Million Businesses Will Be Transferred By “Baby Boomers”

All businesses will one day transfer or close.  That fact is inevitable as time itself.  Therefore, the sale or divestiture of the business is one of the most important decisions an owner will ever undertake.  It is a responsibility that VR Business Sales takes seriously when accepting the role of a trusted advisor.

Every step in a business sale demands an extremely specialized effort, and at VR we know that there are no shortcuts to a successful transaction.  The transition of an entrepreneur who is selling their business means exploring new options in life and change.  Owners of businesses view this decision to sell as an opportunity to reap the rewards of years of sacrifice, dedication, and hard work.  To unlock the maximum value of the business the owner needs advice, guidance, transparency, and honesty…they need Valued Representation®.

VR defines our core business sales as transactions with a value of less than $5 million.  As you begin your new profession and start building your business, it is in this segment of the market that most people gain experience.  The sale of these types of businesses creates consistent cash flow and security. 

Entrepreneurs whose businesses are valued at less than $5 million represent over 95% of all businesses in America and are used to making quick, objective decisions.  So why is the decision to sell the company so difficult?  Because it’s made by weighing the advantages of moving on against the time and energy that’s been devoted to growing the operation.  This decision to sell a business usually goes far beyond the economics. It involves defining lifestyle and redirecting personal energies, resources, and values into the next stage in life. The business owner needs Valued Representation® through VR!



Why VR?

The professionals in VR are dream makers, problem solvers, innovative business leaders, and compassionate to the individuals who drive free enterprise…family-owned businesses.  They are structured, results-oriented and operate in business as they do in life, with a social consciousness. 

Five years after our own founding VR trained business brokers, along with 5 other companies created the “International Business Brokers Association (“IBBA”) to standardize business practices, generate forums for new ideas, and provide methodologies for continuing education.  Today, VR is the only founding firm of the IBBA in existence. 

We seek out people to join VR who challenge themselves to be exceptional in everything they do.  They have the ambition to learn and to lead.  Becoming part of VR Business Sales means you have an unwavering commitment to your family, clients, and your community.

VR franchisees and advisors CONFIDENTIALLY SELL, VALUED CORRECTLY, QUALITY BUSINESSES TO QUALIFIED BUYERS!  It is our organization’s goal that each business sale stands the test of time by satisfying the needs and ambitions of both buyer and seller.

As a VR franchise owner, you will operate as a trusted advisor, and an advocate for helping unlock the true value in people’s largest individual investment; their family-owned business.  Working with buyers and sellers of every type of business, including those from other franchise organizations, you will be on a gratifying and rewarding career path.



VR Franchisee Benefits Unlock Your Potential

VR searches for individuals whose experiences in life can be leveraged for personal gain and add to the power of our organization.

Benefits of becoming owning a VR Business Sales franchise:

• Low Investment / Low Overhead
• Work Locally / Nationally / Internationally
• Control Your Own Schedule
• Quick Start-Up (30-60 Days)

• No Inventory / No Employees
• Multiple Revenue Streams
• Unlimited Growth
•  Site / Location Options


Value Roll-Out Program included at no additional cost:

• Location Specific Franchisee Website
• Customized VR White Paper Campaign
• Customized “Today’s Business Owner” Electronic Magazine
• Valuation Software Package
• VR Branding Package (Computer Briefcase, Padfolio, Clothing, etc.)
• Conference / Meeting Package
• Opening Stationary / Print Package
• Training Meal Plan
• Advisor / Agent Training Included
• Customized Virtual Marketing Materials 
• Business-for-Sale Website Program
• Attending a Functioning Office Sales and Training Meeting




VR Initial Owner Training: 3 ½ Week Comprehensive Program

Realizing how important education and professional development are to one’s success, VR operates with a blended training approach that encompasses; live in-person training, virtual classrooms, video conferencing, cloud-based self-study webinars, and study manuals.

As a new VR franchise owner, you will enter our profession by completing the educational programs contained in our three-phase, 3 ½ week VR Initial Owner Training.  


Through the VR Master Business Intermediary Academy, you will begin your education with a variety of proprietary online VR classes.  The ten-day program includes, but is not limited to:

• How to do a Local Market Analysis
• Business Networking / Lead Development
• Formal Seller Presentation
• Buyer Management
• Transaction Management
• Business Valuation and Pricing
• Due Diligence
• Competitive Intelligence
• Prospecting for Engagements
• Strategic Marketing for Buyers
• Negotiation Techniques
• Financial Analysis
• Offer and Purchase Agreements
• Transaction Closing


These courses are selected from the VR MBI Academy inventory to give you a general understanding prior to attending live training.

Each day you will be given an agenda to complete, a recorded presentation, “book-work” from VR manuals, and the opportunity to follow up with a VR instructor/mentor.  Though each day of training is numbered, you work at your own pace, which allows for the most beneficial results.


Days 11 and 12 are spent understanding the power of your office custom built VR website.  Completing 25 mini-webinars (which can be reviewed again at any time in the future) educates you on the basic functions of your website and how it accesses the VR operating system.

There is no need to worry, we don’t want you to be an expert in websites, search engine optimization, or social media.  We just want you to have a basic understanding of the power of the tools we offer and how to leverage them.


This 5-day intense training class is limited to no more than 3 franchisees at any given time.  Taught by our Director of Education and Professional Development, Tim Bellon (Ret. Col.) was the winner of the #1 Owner Award, along with being bestowed VR’s highest honor, the VR Most Valuable Intermediary Award. To be trained in a new profession is important, to be trained and supported by the “best” is a competitive advantage as you build your own successful VR business.

Additional topics cover during PHASE 3:

• VR in Your Marketplace
• Social Media
• Quality Inventory
• Sales Process
• Understanding the Balance Sheet
• VR Business Profile
• Buyers and Due Diligence
• Conflict Resolution
• Building Goals
• In Front Marketing Plan
• Seller’s Interview
• Recasting Financial Statements
• Additional Valuation Techniques
• Marketing the Engagement
• Contracts and Forms


These and other topics including real life examples and role playing complete a hectic week.



VR Honors and Awards

VR Mergers & Acquisitions recognized in “Top 20 Mergers & Acquisitions Consulting Firms” by Financial-Services Review Magazine

VR Business Sales / Mergers & Acquisitions wins the “Most Client-Focused Business Brokerage – North America Award” awarded by AI M&A Awards / AI Global Media

VR Business Sales / Mergers & Acquisitions awarded “Leading Business Advisor – USA” by Wealth & Finance International Magazine

VR Business Sales / Mergers & Acquisitions awarded “Most Outstanding in Business Sales Services” by Corporate Livewire

VR Mergers & Acquisitions recognized as “Top 20 M&A Consulting Firms (Lower-Middle Market)” by Business Management Review Magazine