About Zoomin groomin

$150,000 Liquid Capital Required

At Zoomin Groomin, pets are family. That’s why they've created a safer and cleaner alternative for pet grooming needs. Zoomin Groomin is a custom one-on-one Mobile Pet Grooming business utilizing state-of-the-art vans that focuses on the Comfort of the Pet and the Convenience of the Customer. This GREAT business model is what keeps their franchisees thriving.




About Us

At Zoomin Groomin, our love of animals is what sets us apart. We know that your furbaby is more than a pet — they’re a part of the family. That’s why we focus on providing a positive experience, from the level of attention your pet receives to the eco-friendly products we use. We make your pets look and feel their best.

The Zoomin Groomin Mobile Pet Care Team is committed to your pet and their unique style. That must be why so much of our business is from repeat customers!


Our Services:

Pet Baths

Our trained and experienced mobile groomers lather up your fluffbaby with gentle, eco-friendly shampoo and conditioner for a healthy and soft shine.

Pet Groomin

Every pet needs a spa day! We’ll pamper your dog or cat completely, by brushing out any matted fur, trimming or shaving as requested, clipping nails, and more.


Add this service to your pet’s regular grooming to restore the natural softness and brilliant shine of your animal’s coat with the power of Pure Oxygen Ultra Shampoo.



Now is the Perfect Time to Start Your Own Franchise Business!

Sniffing around for a great new opportunity? Zoomin Groomin is expanding our mobile grooming business nationwide. Set your own schedule, be your own boss and work with pets all day. We’ll be right by your side, every step of the way. Woof!


The Industry

Your Path to Success choosing the right industry in which to launch a new career can be overwhelming, but it doesn't have to be. If you love pets, why not be in a business that you can be passionate about as well as one with significant financial opportunities.


About the Pet Industry:

1. There are over 77 million dogs in the US - what man loves he cares for!
2. Busy lifestyles create a high demand for mobile pet services
3. The aging population seeks in-home convenience for their pets
4. In the US, the pet industry is currently worth $106.9 billion; up from $95.7 billion in 2020
5. Non-vet related services and products command the majority of the market, with pet food and treats leading the way



Why Zoomin Groomin?

As a Business Owner with Zoomin Groomin, you have the option to manage, network, and grow your business, even keep your day job, hiring staff to work in the field. Or you can work in the field yourself with little to no additional staff. We have Business Owners who manage and operate multi-units, hiring staff to execute service, and we have Business Owners who are owner-operators, who spend time in the field themselves.


What You Can Expect with Zoomin Groomin

- High customer retention
- Booming industry
- Extensive and comprehensive training program
- Vehicle financing assistance



We’ll help you make a splash.

Whether you want to start a grooming business, convert yours to a Zoomin Groomin franchise, or even if you’ve never groomed a pet in your life, we’ll help you succeed with marketing, training and more! When you succeed, we succeed.

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