Bizzibiz Inc. Franchise

The Bizzibiz Inc. Franchise has researched, identified and designed solution to the problems that are facing millions of small to medium sized businesses on daily basis. This organization has come up with customized digital marketing solutions that help the small to medium business entities come up with digital advertising plan with positive results. Bizzibiz Inc. It is introducing digital marketing plan that is votive to empower investors and small businesses.

The Bizzibiz is a drastically developing digital marketing business that was established in 1/1/2011. The franchisers sell their digital marketing services to medium sized and small businesses while Bizzibiz accomplishes the services for their clients.

The Bizzibiz franchise offer reliable business model with principles that have been proven to deliver success. The business model is designed to give empowerment to entrepreneurs and upcoming small businesses all over the world. In addition to the already developed US market, this business is seeking to expand its services into international markets.

The Bizzibiz Inc. Franchise offers terms that are attractive and versatile enough for the upcoming businesses. The cost of the business model ranges between $18,025 and $29,900 including training cost, franchise fee, software and computer hardware and a working capital for the initial three months. Amazingly, there is no franchising fee required.

Unlike other businesses with location limitation, Bizzibiz business has no boundary limitation. The franchisees can sell services to clients located at any place in the United States/world. The entrepreneurs do not necessarily require being located in specific building or office. This business is 100% virtual hence you can operate it successfully from home.

There are also no costly gadgets that require to be purchased for you to get your business running. You only need the basic equipment such as computer and internet and a comfortable desk which you are likely to be having at your home already.

If you have been locked out of running other businesses as a result of having negative credit rating, Bizzibiz Inc. Franchise is your lifetime opportunity as you will get franchised as long as you have the qualifications. In addition, there is no minimum capital required for you to get franchised. The profit margin of the business is 100% scalable. The investors have ability of determining the quantity of returns that can be acquired fro the business.


The training of the franchisees is conducted by the organization online. There is no travelling required. Franchisees require no initial experience but they at least require high school education qualification.