Bldg Works Franchise

The BLDG Works franchise is a house cleaning company. The industry is worth $100 billion dollars a year and it is still developing putting into consideration the fact that there are additional skyscrapers that are on construction. After all, these houses will become dirty and someone needs to do the cleaning for the inhabitants to have a friendly environment. BLDG offers cleaning services to office complexes, retail centers, sky scrappers and local companies.

The numbers of buildings that require professional cleaning service have been increasing fast. As a result, BLDG works franchise has been seeking potential entrepreneurs to train them in this lucrative niche. The organization has been in the business since 1996 and since then they have been on fast development. The business plan applied by the organization is coachable, duplicable and proven to be using sound principles.

The customer service offered by BLDG is tailored to deliver utmost satisfaction to the clients. This can be proven by the amazing 92% customer retention. These contracts have been retained across more than 100 of the already established stores.

BLDG offers a simple, great and powerful business for people who are seeking to become their own bosses. If it has been your dream to establish, develop and retire with a real business to cater for the rest of your life. 

The BLDG franchises come with unlimited marketing, sales, mentorship and management of the establishing businesses. These qualities and characteristics are essential for ensuring that all businesses that are getting established will be a full success.

The qualifications required for you to get franchised are simple. They include the basic skills for acquiring the cleaning contracts. You also need to have primary business running skills. This business model delivers a comprehensive business model that you can afford. Unlike other business models that promise that you will make cash with your business, BLDG walks the talk by bringing you the customers. The clients are normally signed and ready o deliver income to your business in your local area.

The BLDG works franchise is not interested with the credit rating of the investors. The most important thing is relevant management experience and he business insight. Ability for managing several business units is also essential. Although training is offered by the franchiser, skills in sales, marketing and management play a great role.


Investors should also be capable of paying the initial investment that range between $75,000 and $125,000. At BLDG works franchise, entrepreneurs are provided with a blend of aggressive sales training and marketing training featuring powerful service quality tailored to take your business a notch higher.