Orange Julius Franchise

Orange Julius Franchise was first opened in the year 1929. It was started as an orange juice stand by Bill Hamlin who was a real estate broker. With his chemistry skills, Hamlin came up with a way of blending smooth juice that has a creamy and airy texture. This is the idea that he utilized to start a stand by the road side. This was the humble beginning of the modern day large chain offering high quality juice to customers in well built premises. When he started selling juices at the stand he could make up to $100 per day. This was enough money that made him make savings that he used later to start expanding his business. More and more customers started coming to take juice.

Hamlin later quit his job of real estate broker to concentrate on ways of expanding his business. Three years into this business he had opened over 100 stores across USA. This is what gave him motivation that actually he can make it. He styled up his menu to start offering other flavours of juice apart from orange. This is what saw him get more customers.

 If you have been longing to get a franchise that will understand your needs and give you chance to exercise your business skills then Orange Julius is here for you. Don’t mind of the amount of money you have as this is a company that will allow you start a business with any little money you have.

Another reason why many aggressive entrepreneurs like this franchise is because once you become part of them you will be given comprehensive business management tips. You will be taught on how to effectively manage your business without much hassle. This is one franchise that has given many entrepreneurs chance to be their own bosses. All you need is to apply requesting to join this franchise. If you meet the qualifications you will be part of this successful franchise.


This franchise will help you get the best location for your business. This will be a good way of succeeding as you will capitalize on the monopoly to have many customers. In the modern world most people are opting for the fresh fruit juice as it has been proved to have good nutritional value to the body. This is why you will be sure of customers once you open this franchise.